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Top Ten Summer Clothes Selling at Be Mini Couture - 6/20/2015

It’s obvious to everyone the world waits for the summer more than any other season around the year. Most of us love a summer tan, happy days in the sun and just enjoying ourselves when the sun is up in the sky and the world is green and beautiful. Everything seems magical, especially with your children! They help to bring a whole new lovely and happy dimension laden with fun and activity. Of all the joys that summer brings, it’s getting your children outfits to approach it with a whole new coolness, beauty and fun. Here are top ten summer clothes selling at Be Mini Couture your kids will love wearing!

Dot Organza Shift Dress

Whether your little girl is four years old or thereabout, Il Gufo’s Dot Organza shift dress is a top choice for the summer. The sweet polka dots plus rough cut edges transform the couture dress into a unique choice to welcome warmer days. It is Italian made with a shift silhouette, polka dot prints, accordion pleats and scoop neckline with a ruffled hem.

Velvet Dress with Sash

An Il Gufo’s elegant and simple velvet delight that gives every little girl that fantastic holiday look, the velvet dress with sash is exactly what she’ll like. Its solid burgundy, short sleeved with a hidden back zip, with the back harnessed with a self-tie Satin sash and a lightly round neckline that’s pleated.

Pleated Rose Print Dress

 Dior’s feminine and soft pleated rose print dress is a blush colored top dress with a very superb yet simple sophistication. The French made dress has a pleated neckline, rose print, an A-line silhouette and made of cotton. On the hem is a pearlized logo plate including a button closure towards the back.

Button Down Cardigan

Sometimes summer nights are not always warm and a cardigan is always required when the temperatures have dipped. This button down cardigan by Dior is great for any baby and very light and perfect to throw over that cool outfit if some color is required.

Glow-in-the-Dark Monster Footie

This outfit by Stella McCartney is exactly what every special kid deserves. Once you have turned the lights off, the monster footie will glow in the dark. Apart from a footed bottom it has bottom snaps, envelop neckline and made of organic 100 percent cotton.

Chic Silk Ruffled Dress

This Stella McCartney’s country chic pretty silk ruffled dress is a special addition to your little girl’s wardrobe, especially its playful ballroom elegance. It’s made of silk with a button keyhole closure towards the back.

Embroidered Cotton Dress

This unique cotton dress from children’s top designer, Stella McCartney, is the exact special addition you wanted for your little beauty. Its Stella style is unique and great for your perky little sweetheart.

Houndstooth Jacquard Dress

This dress presents Monsieur Dior’s favorite motif and updated for a dress and glamorous effect. Its couture styling has been highlighted by pleats that are perfectly placed. It’s an acrylic, polyester and cotton blend with a shift silhouette, round neckline and houndstooth jacquard.

Organza Merveilleuses Dress

Another monsieur Dior’s masterpiece, this top seller jacquard organza with a puff sleeve, square neckline, self-tying sash at the back and a gathered empire kind of waist is on a class of its own. Its silk made with a pearlized logo plate around the hem.

Pleated Bow Dress

This Il Gufo top choice is a simple made chic red dress with a bow tied at the middle. The round neckline is enhanced by a Peter Pan collar and comes with a hidden zip at the back.

More top choices for your children? Checkout great bargains and top designs for your little ones at Be Mini Couture.


The Wedding Season and Design Dresses

Summer is wedding season! However, whether you have a wedding set for the summer or not, choosing the gown and other clothes designs, colors and styles for the entire ceremony is very important. The cute little flower girls who must adorn the most perfect hair accessories, shoes and top wedding dresses come into mind. Sometimes choosing the dresses, shoes and accessories for little girls is more fun than going for your own classic wedding gown!

There’re so many wonderful and pretty details to look into and there’s zero limit as to the most appropriate tulle. The process of selecting the most adorable outfit for your little one is a chance to make her the most special child. You’ll find elegant silhouettes, for instance A-lines and princess gowns that are not just chic at ballroom weddings but also in casual takes such as beach bashes. The wedding season gives every little girl a chance to play with the cutest dress accessories as well, such as cool jewelry and lots of pretty adornments all around! There are lots of adorable and striking tailoring accents such as voluminous skirts, simple ruffles and special necklines that will put the smile of your little angel in the spotlight.

Perhaps you have decided for a laidback beach celebratory wedding in the height of summer or a winter wedding embellished with all elegance. There are all kinds of unique assemblage of wonderful flower girl accessories and dresses that complement the theme, perhaps white Diors or Cavallis. You can select from cute fabrics such as organza, satin, tulle and lace to come up with adorable choice of outfits perfectly matching with the bridal vision you have in mind.

There are all kinds of dresses in all sorts of silhouettes and sizes to make every little flower bridesmaid and flower girl to feel she looks the best on the big day.  Do not forget to complete the attire by getting the prettiest flower girl footwear and gorgeous hair accessories. You would love her to lead the wedding party in the prettiest of styles and chic apparel just for that is there. There’s definitely everything required to transform every flower girl into a vision of beauty on your big day as a result of giant selections of cute dresses.

With all kinds of fantastic collections of diverse colors and styles and matching accessories, there’s no way you can go wrong. Think of Isabel Garison’s ivory flower girl dresses or Dior’s blush satin sash. You can also of navy, chiffon sequin communion, ivory sequin tutus, jeweled embroidered, pink supper sequins and merlot flower girl dresses. No matter what you have in mind for your little flower girl it’s already designed and waiting for you!

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Best Clothes to Buy for Your Baby

Homecoming and the first few weeks for your new baby means the little bundle of joy still has the umbilical cord stump, which will be around for the next 10 to 20 days. The stump can be long or short depending on the way clamping was done. In case it looks longer, get the baby such clothes as newborn kimono’s or clothes that don’t irritate or rub against it.

Apart from folding down the diaper to avoid rubbing the umbilical cord stump the wrong way, find wrap around tops you can snap on their side. Side snapping is important; at the early days pulling clothes down the head of the baby is tricky and can be very intimidating.

In case of warm weather you might want to get some petty baby leg warmers to make things easy for yourself. Apart from being adorable they make diaper change very easy. Cold weather demands that you get quality footie pants and are absolutely the best.

A major staple of every baby’s wardrobe are onesies or bodysuits as referred to in a number of places. Onesies are loved than regular shirts since they snap by the crotch and thus ensure the baby’s belly is protected from the cold. Those living in not so warm areas need long-sleeved onesies if the little baby arms are to remain as warm as possible.

Of importance is having a minimum of a single onesie for every developmental stage of the baby. In fact, onesies are easily bought in packs, perhaps in threes or fives. They are also not expensive. Go for onesies that hold up superbly while being washed and last longer and stretchy, particularly around the shoulders and neck for easy put on and removal.

Jeans and pants are also important clothes types for the baby. Jeans are important since they can be worn with anything while pants made of cotton are warm and comfortable. However, baby pants are not the easiest to put on and off a baby; lots of delicate juggling is involved.

Footed onesies or footed jammies are wonderful if you are uncomfortable with pants. Most parents believe they are the most useful, easy and wonderful selections of baby clothing you will ever invest in. The footed onesie will make you forget mitts, shoes, socks, pants and onesies. Remember for newborns sleeping gowns are important especially in the first few weeks after birth when the baby poops after every few hours and require easy diaper changes at night.

The outside weather will not be warm all the time. Invest in heavy coats and jackets, particularly for those spending their time strolling across the park and walking around the neighborhood. Milder climates can be covered by simple hoodies for the baby.

Nonetheless, always resist the urge to invest a lot of money in stacks of baby clothes before the child is born - the baby will outgrow most of his or her clothes very fast!

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Celebrity and Kids Wear-Trends to Watch

Without a doubt, children are a new accessory and brands are lining up to please parents - especially moms - even with tiny garments that are strengthening brand powers across Asia and the United States.  With kids clothes and fashion today being over a billion-dollar industry globally, famous designers such as Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Cavalli are already into children clothes fully, particularly after the success of traditional makers of children clothes such as Rachel Riley.  

However, when a celebrity adorns her babies well every mom globally especially the modern mother want to try the same trendy style for her children. This is obvious and children too are excited about wearing cool, fashionable, stylish and famous clothes celebrities’ kids and celebrity kids are wearing. However, with the entry of the new royal babies, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, a whole near horizon in celebrity children fashion has been opened and every designer wants a piece of it.

Essentially, after Prince Charles, Prince William and the little Prince George, Princess Charlotte is fourth in line in terms of succession.  While her brother might have an upper hand in matters of the throne, almost everyone in England and beyond was hoping for a girl not only for tourism’s sake but fashion as well.

Economic effects that follow the birth of the new princess are already being felt, considering the power of publicity. During the fun days of Diana, Princess Charlotte’s grandma, she had the de facto duty of being the unofficial trendsetter in British fashion.  Over the years, British fashion designs and trendy fashion has always been an export industry. It is very important to have the latest and trendy royal design into the market when they are still “hot” and outsourcing them in China and getting them back is out of the question. Otherwise they would be out of fashion by the time they return to the high street.  

While Kate has done her part to rejuvenate the British fashion design the new Princess is expected to have an effect right from the day she was born and perhaps her entire life. Children clothes designs and fashion have been growing and it’s not just fashionable today but very lucrative. With British children clothes makers already exporting heavily globally, we can expect them to be on the lookout for the latest children fashion in the new royal family’s strong hold, whether it’s princess wear for gorgeous little girls globally or prince wear for every little man.

Also, it’s expected the designer brand Kate will decide to adorn her two little royals with will be big in no time. Everyone’s guess is that lots of established brands have already sent their gifts to the royal family and will keep hoping the little Princess and Prince adorn their line. In fact, before Kate started wearing Jenny Packham’s dresses to a number of important occasions, no one knew about her. Now, the world has already paid attention.

Market value aside, whatever Princess Charlotte and to a little extent Prince George will be wearing in public will be equally vital to parents across the world with small children who would love to be adorned in the same style as the royals.

British designers are expected to reap big from the royal births, considering both William and Kate must support local British industries without forgetting both are very protective of their children and might not let them be walking billboards.  

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