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A few years back, co-founders Heidi and Alex Lieske were invited to a wedding with their one-year-old son, Cobb.  They wanted their baby to look dashing for the big event, but quickly found out how hard it is to dress a little one for a special occasion.  It took days of searching to find anything that was of the quality they wanted for the occasion. Heidi and Alex knew there had to be a better way, so Be Mini Couture was born.
They recruited  Heidi’s mom, Melissa,  to hatch their plans in the basement of their Baltimore home.  Early on, Heidi put together the strategy, Melissa headed to New York City to meet with top designers and Alex handled all of the logistics.  Following the birth of Heidi and Alex's second child, Fitch, they launched a beta site in June 2012 and operations were moved to a nearby warehouse.  After seeing some early success, each of them worked around-the-clock and, in March 2014, a new website was launched.
With access to over 30 high-fashion designers, Be Mini Couture offers a larger selection of children’s clothes than most fine department stores.  So far, thousands of parents have found our site to be the most convenient way to buy high quality clothing from their children.  If only we’d discovered this idea before Cobb was born!